The moon sighting has been negative today; therefore, the first day of Ramadhan will be Sunday, June 29th, 2014.

Masjid As-Saffat
The proposed Masjid has been designed to enable greater interaction with the local community and thus an interfaith room has been created which will allow locals, school groups, and religious groups to visit the Masjid and use this room as a centre point within the proposed Mosque.
1. Ramadan 1435 will start with the Local Moon Sighting. We will proclaim on the website as soon as possible. Thanks for your Patience.
2. Ramadan 1435 Schadule will be posted after the result of Local Mon Sighting.
3. In Ramadan 1435, Isha Iqamah will call afer 1o Minutes of Salah Time.
Fundraising for Masjid
Masjid As Saffat will have a fundraiser for the extension project. Date will be announce soon. InshaAllah.
Trenton, NJ, USA
These Salaah Time will apply from Sunday 3-9-2014
July 10, 2014
 Salaat Timing
 Fajar 6:30 AM
 Dhuhr 1:20 PM
 Asr 6:00 PM
 Maghrib Sunset
 Isha 9:00 PM
 Juma 1:00 PM