Masjid As-saffat opens its doors to everyone (Muslim and Non-Muslims) who intends to learn about, practice or experience Islam.

Our Da’wah Mission:

  • Explain Islamic principles to Muslims and Non-Muslims
  • Educate new Muslims
  • Promote interfaith dialogue
  • Promote harmony and peace through understanding


Daily Prayers

Masjid As-Saffat conducts all the daily, Jumma and Eid salats. The Masjid also provides all necessary services in the holy month of Ramadan.


Daily Salat

Masjid As-Saffat conducts the five daily salats in congregation.


Friday Sermons (Jummah-tul-Mubarik)

Masjid As-saffat conducts only one Jummah prayer every week. Jummah Khutba start at 1:00 PM followed by Iqamah at around 1:40 PM.

***NOTE: Due to limited parking space Masjid management request you to please carpool as much as you can. Also please park legally and do not block the entrance & exit of the driveways. Please respect the fire access way. Handicapped parking spots are provided near the entrance of the Mosque. Please follow traffic signs and instructions of the volunteers assisting in parking.


EID Prayers

Eid announcements are made based on local moon sighting

The Masjid cooperates with other Masajid in the area to facilitate EID Prayers.

The Eid Salat date, time, and venue will be announced on our website. Please SUBSCRIBE to email alerts for latest updates about EID announcements, prayer timings, and venue.


Funeral and Cemetery

For more information please contact:

  • Br. Mubin Kathrada at 609-538-8432
  • Br. Eid at 609-954-3795


Aitekaf in Ramadan

If you intend to perform Aitekaf at Masjid As-Saffat this year, please contact Masjid management and fill up registration form ASAP. Registration forms are available in the Masjid.

We encourage you to personally visit Masjid first.

Registration is required as there are a very limited number of spots available.

Ramadan Announcement

Alhamdullah moon have been sighted in the region therefore tomorrow, Sat, May 27, 2017 is the first of Ramadan. Ramadan Karim to you ALL. May Allah SWT bless Masjid As-Saffat community and the entire Ummah with the Barakah of this blessed month. Ameen!!

Iqamah Timings for the entire month of Ramadan

Fajr Iqamah at 4:30 AM
Zuhr Iqamah at 1:15 PM
Asr Iqamah at 6:30 PM
Maghrib – by sunset
Isha Iqamah at 10:15 PM followed by Taraweeh prayer

See detailed time table here http://www.masjidassaffat.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/prayer-schedule-ramadan-2017.pdf

Masjid As-Saffat Management